Bank Melli Iran Board Member visits Switzerland Ambassador at Bazar Branch

Saturday, August 27, 2016
Gholamreza Panahi, Member of the Board of Directors of Bank Melli Iran had a meeting and dialogue with Julio Haus, Swiss Ambassador at Bazar Branch of BMI.
Referring to the glorious history of economic and cultural relations between Iran and Switzerland, Panahi pointed out to correspondent banking relationships between the banks of two countries in the past and said;" Following the recent changes in post sanctions era in Iran BMI does its best to use all of its capacities to facilitate trade relations on both parts."
He continued;" All BMI units in abroad have made an attempt to comply with international standards. Meanwhile Switzerland could also assist Iranian banks via boosting banking correspondence desirably."
Highlighting banking interactions between BMI as the largest Iranian bank with Swiss banks in the past and its operational records, Julio Haus stated that implementation of technical rules and international regulations by Iranian banks will pave the way for their presence in the international arena. He emphasized;" I will also make an attempt to persuade and encourage the banks of my country to establish banking correspondent relations with the banks of Iran in near future."
The meeting was held in the presence of a number of International Affairs Directors of BMI comprising the Directors of Guarantees department, International department, Overseas Invt & Netw Expansion department, Public Relations department and the Manager of Bazar Branch.

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