BMI Approach to Support Knowledge-based firms and Start-ups

Monday, December 26, 2016
Hoseinzadeh, the Managing Director of BMI said: "BMI has a close relationship with university related associations and our approach is to support knowledge-based firms and start-ups."
According to the report of Public Relations Department of BMI, he expressed that we should grow our products with product innovations and indigenization of international banking services, so we can benefit all people.
In the meeting, IT & Communications Network Deputy Managing Director rendered a report of activities of IT section and added that Information technology is not a tool anymore it is rather a motive motor for mobilizing an organization. He pointed out; "IT has a strategic and operational role in organizations so our organizational responsibility becomes double. Making decisions, policy making, operation, supporting and identifying business models interconnected with IT. It is a system which creates value".
Chairman of SADAD Informatics Corporation also stated that Information Technology is a needful element in modern banking. In the future of banking industry we need to anticipate the customer needs before they know their requirements themselves. The best way to attract customers is to provide facilities.

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