Hoseinzadeh says BMI moves towards e-banking to protect environment

Monday, March 13, 2017
Coinciding with national Arbor Day and natural resources week there was an environmental festival in Convention Center of Environment Department in the presence of Masoumeh Ebtekar, chief of environment Department, Hoseinzadeh, Managing Director of Bank Melli Iran and some of the chiefs and students of Education Ministry.
Hoseinzadeh said;" one of the biggest problems we face in the present world is an endangered environment and not doing well to protect it. Now Environment Department and Education Ministry cooperate with one another to teach students environmental issues in a useful and solid way; by continuing this trend efficiently the environment will surely improve to a higher status."
He added that BMI has always taken measures to protect environment by using e-banking and reducing paper consumption.
He continued, saying that we have formed the Social Responsibility Group in our bank focusing on environmental goals and usage of Solar Energy.
Appreciating BMI and Ministry of Education's supports, Masoumeh Ebtekar mentioned that every human has the right to live in a healthy environment devoid of pollutants and harmful substances.
She stated;" The main point we should consider is teaching children and youths about the environment and the importance of maintaining it that result in reaching expected consequences in coming years. It is of great importance."
Referring to the citizenship rights and the role of citizens in the protection of the environment, chief of Environment Department spoke about the role of people in protecting the environment or conversely in polluting it. She said that through instructing individuals and informing them about the significance of the issue we can take steps to keep the earth away from pollution.
After the ceremony, managing director of BMI commemorated Arbor Day by planting an olive tree in Pardisan Garden.

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