Bank Officer

A Special Supporter

Perhaps one day it was in your dreams to sit in a corner, press a button and have things under your control.

Perhaps one day it was beyond your belief to get news of the furthest point on earth in your seat.

The high-speed changes of modern world, which is the result of emerging technologies, are making the dreams to come true and now, another dream has been fulfilled by Bank Melli Iran.

Banking services are at your hands with Bank Officer in every place, at every time. This service opens up the opportunity to express your needs and desires.

Bank Officer, which is a new service of Bank Melli Iran, devotes a personal account officer to any special customer in order to increase customers' satisfaction and improve the quality of services.

Where should I start?

This service is just provided for special customers at the current time.

Bale Messenger bridges the distance between special customers and account officers. Therefor you're able to get access to our bank as easily as your mobile phone.

Step 1: Get through to your branch and ask for the characteristics of special customers

Step 2: Obtain these characteristics and join the list of this service receivers, and get to know your personal account officer.

Step 3: Download and install Bale Messenger from official app stores.

Who is an account officer?

An account officer is a senior employee who links special customers to branches and makes the best and quickest response to the requests that clients make according to banking rules and regulations.

You can give a point from 1 to 5 to your account officer to improve the quality of service.

Bank Officer Services

At the time your account officer is activated, you are given access to the following services.

Consult & Get an Answer

Open an Account

Withdrawal Tools

Deposit and Withdraw

Check Receiving & Clearing

Rent a Safe Deposit Box

Coded & Certified Checks

Buy & Sell Securities

Letters of Guarantees Payable in Rial

Ask for Facilities

Gift Cards

Mobile Bank