The Logo of Bank Melli Iran and Some Graphic Changes

Tuesday, June 13, 2017
The major symbol of every organization or institution is its logo. It is considered in such a manner that after a while a halo of sanctity and honor surrounds and is regarded highly by customers and employees. Due to the importance of logos, they are normally designed in the best shape, plan, color and placed in the most convenient places. The logo plays a role as the signature of institutes and gives them the needful credit.
BMI as the oldest economic firm of Iran has always tried to benefit from logos by consideration of time situation from its early years of work. The first logo was created and designed with following factors:
- The middle oval was inspired by oval-shaped shields of Achaemenid soldiers
- Wheat clusters were placed on the left and olive leaves on the right
- An Achaemenid design of Darius combating winged sphinx was designed in the middle of the oval
- Calligraphy of Bank Melli Iran at the top of the logo
- Three stripes were drawn inside down the oval to give stability to the design of Darius and winged sphinx
After the victory of Islamic Revolution of Iran, Darius and winged sphinx were replaced by the symbol of Islamic Republic of Iran.
A kind of blue or navy blue that is called "Royal Blue" by designers and printing offices was the most commonly used color in logo designing during previous years. Royal blue was used in designing various logos and multiple billboards previously including; Iran Insurance Company, Airline Company, Saderat Bank, Tehran University and many others.
Now the old logo of Bank Melli Iran has undergone some small changes in some historical junctures and publicized:
- The new logo of BMI has warm coloring instead cold coloring to catch eyes and create a more attractive design
- The color of the Emblem of Islamic Republic of Iran in the logo has changed to red as the flag of Iran
- Wheat clusters and olive leaves have been applied in their natural colors
- Some extra designs have been simplified or removed
- Number of wheat clusters and olive leaves have been equalized
- Yellow and red colors in the new logo are seen easily even in low light and from far distances

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