• AML and CTF Department

CEO's Message to BMI First professional-Educational Conference on Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

Times is passing and although the rapid technological changes in the communications era have shown bright horizons for modern human beings, but at the same time, have provided destructive solutions for criminals. I and The honorable, honest, patient and loyal colleagues of Bank Melli Iran - Iran's most renowned monetary and banking institution- have been honored to serve with the oath of loyalty and purity, and we are supposed to appreciate the efforts of our predecessors, that is the dignity and exaltation of Bank Melli Iran in national and international arena.

As the international community has declared its innocence over the lack of financial transparency and criminal proceeds and calls on an international consensus of this increasing movement for AML & CFT, Bank Melli Iran’s diligent and dignified staff , based on their honorable history and Islamic faith in obeying the divine verse " O you who have believed, do not consume one another's wealth unjustly" has determined to protect the purity and monetary network of the Bank by learning and teaching policies and procedures for countering and confronting the secrets and financial contamination and to remove the false accusation against the country by creating awareness and sensitivity in young forces and training anti money laundering competent officers, and by improving their insights in Enjoining good and forbidding wrong Campaign, prove that we are a smart and integrate organization, and we will strive for our beliefs in a way that BMI always shines in our country and our precious homeland be free from any damage or charges.

What is Money Laundering?