Professional Code of Ethics

BANK MELLI IRAN EMPLOYEES, with absolute belief and confidence on the Almighty’s will, and in line with national concern and interest, provide premium banking services for the customers and the general public, believing in customer satisfaction as their paramount epigram.

BANK MELLI IRAN EMPLOYEES, profoundly believe that customers are their prime asset and therefore should highly appreciate their valuable presence in the bank.

BANK MELLI IRAN EMPLOYEES, by observing discipline, adornment, punctuality and sense of responsibility are ready and willing to warmly welcome, receive and entertain the general public.

BANK MELLI IRAN EMPLOYEES, confidently assume that the glorification of prestige, esteem, dignity, integrity and salutation of customers, when approaching to the entire organization and units of BANK MELLI IRAN are of their paramount, foremost and ultimate responsibilities and duties and therefore exert their utmost effort that the highly respected personality and character of the customers should, in the mutual communicational interaction process, be well maintained.

BANK MELLI IRAN EMPLOYEES, consider their utmost attempt to accomplish the affairs of the customers in the most convenient and shortest possible time.

BANK MELLI IRAN EMPLOYEES, are absolutely determined to render their premium services in the most competent fashion to the customers.

BANK MELLI IRAN EMPLOYEES, are charged with responsibility of rendering swift, expeditious and complete information to the customer within the range of their professional duties, considering current regulation of the Bank.

BANK MELLI IRAN employees, faithfully believe that the views,contentment degree of satisfaction and delightfulness of the customer, is the main credentials and chief criterion of acknowledgement for measurement of their dedication, self devotion and professional performance.

BANK MELLI IRAN EMPLOYEES, deeply appreciate and cordially embrace any kind of views, opinion, comment and specifically criticism and disapproval from the customer and shall welcome, assume and exercise them as the main basis for improvement and enhancement of their banking practices.