Hoseinzadeh: Hong Kong branch restarts its activities

Monday, September 18, 2017
Managing Director of BMI announced that Hong Kong branch restarts its activities.

As reported by Public Relations Dept. of BMI, Dr. Mohamad Reza Hosinzadeh, saying that one of the measures that is needed to be taken by BMI to remove the obstacles on the way of the Hong Kong branch's reopening was choosing and introducing a venerable and independent institution to render a report about the readiness of this branch for restarting its activities, added that Ernst & Young firm was selected under special regulations and then introduced to Hong Kong Monetary Authority.

He said;" Another measure was keeping precautionary orders based on selected firm's guidelines and international standards to get the firm's approval."

He added that Hong Kong Monetary Authority confirmed the final report provided by Ernst & Young firm and following that authorized Hong Kong branch to reopen.

Hoseinzadeh said;" Melli Bank Plc also released news on commencement on its website and reported that the branch is now ready to offer a wide range of banking services to its customers."

He emphasized that in some cases including obtaining the banking license entailed to resolve lots of various and complex issues in order to gain satisfaction and confirmation of supervisory authorities so I'd like to express my appreciation to my colleagues.

He continued;" Meanwhile, our representatives from Melli Bank Plc made a visit to Iran Consul General in Hong Kong and Macau and expressed gratitude for their assistance."

It must be said that Bank Melli Iran is the majority shareholder of Melli Bank Plc.

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