Melli Bank-Aresbank to expand banking ties

Monday, March 05, 2018
Panahi, the Board Member and Deputy Manager of International Affairs of BMI convened a meeting with Luis Casado General Manager and Manuel Grijota Commercial Manager of Aresbank in Spain.

During the meeting, Panahi referred to the special potential of Bank Melli Iran in providing efficient services for Iranian and Spanish traders and preparing grounds for domestic and foreign investment and said that the requirements for establishing correspondent banking relationship between Bank Melli Iran and Aresbank have been fulfilled.

He also noticed and emphasized conducting banking activities towards short-term and long-term facilities, currency exchange and guarantees.

Meanwhile, Luis Casado appreciated correspondent relations and interactions between two banks and announced that the amount of FX services is in a growing trend. "Relations and interactions with Iranian banks and businesses have been raised in the last few years. The capacity of exports and imports can be developed to a higher level and banks play a prominent role. We are ready to negotiate about Granting short-term and long-term facilities," he said.

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