Global Money Week in Bank Melli Iran Museum

Monday, March 19, 2018
Bank Melli Iran aligned with the world to organize some plans on money week occasion in the place of its museum.

Plans for children

Bank Melli Iran formed plans for kids and teenagers in alignment with Money Week and international plans on weekdays from 10th to 19th March (7 a.m. to 13 p.m.) including; making banknotes, storytelling, making paper of banknotes, printing banknotes, history of making coins, history of bank and banking, acquainting with backstage of banks, minting of coins & etc.  

Exhibition of Banknotes

Coinciding with Global Money Week, a permanent exhibition of issued banknotes by Bank Melli Iran (BMI) was opened.

Issuing banknotes in Iran returns to the period of Mongol Il-Khanate dynasty. For the first time, the idea which imitated Chinese Mongols came into Gaykhatu's mind when a financial crisis occurred and Gold and silver supplies ran out. These banknotes named "Chao" and made in a building named "Chao house" but after a while they became fiat so that the empire was faced mass protests especially in Tabriz and Shiraz cities. After several centuries, in the reign of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar Imperial Bank took actions to issue Iranian banknotes in England with an image of Naser al-Din Shah on them.

Iranian Imperial bank had the privilege of issuance for 60 years while the government of Iran had been always trying to withdraw privilege of issuing paper money from this bank.

Eventually, a renewable law passed which gave the privilege to Bank Melli Iran for a 10 year term. However, the government was entitled to pay 250,000 lire in compensation.

Two various signatures were printed on all banknotes; one of the appeared signatures belonged to General Manager of Bank Melli Iran and the other was the government's inspector of the bank.

Among the general managers of Bank Melli Iran, the following people were authorized to sign:

1-     Kurt Lindenblatt

2-     Hossein Ala

3-     Reza Gholi Amir Khosravi

4-     Abol  Hasan Ebtehaj

5-     Ebrahim Zand

6-     Ali Asghar Naser

7-     Ebrahim Kashani

After establishing Central Bank of Iran in 1961, the responsibility of printing and issuing banknotes fell on this bank.

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