Bank Melli Iran buys foreign currencies from tourists

Monday, April 23, 2018
The Board Member of Bank Melli Iran (BMI) said;" all the domestic foreign currency branches of Bank Melli Iran especially the branches and counters located at Iran's international airports are ready to buy cash carrying by tourists."

According to Public Relations Dept of BMI, Gholamreza Panahi said;" In line with new policies of Central Bank of Iran, all the foreign currency units of this bank buy currencies (EUR, USD, AED, GBP) from tourists and pay them its equivalent to Rial based on daily rates."

He added that customers can receive gift cards and cash on demand.

He continued his saying;" foreign travelers can apply for issuing payment orders in their own name and on behalf of themselves through correspondent network of Bank Melli Iran abroad and receive its equivalent to Rial in cash or charge gift cards."

Panahi emphasized;" This bank is prepared to deposit applicants' funds in foreign currency saving accounts and then calculate, exchange and pay them to the extent they need on daily rates."

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