Managers of Bank Melli Iran and Ziraat bank Put Emphasis on Enhancing Mutual Cooperation

Tuesday, May 15, 2018
Managing Director and CEO of Bank Melli Iran (BMI), Mohammad Reza Hoseinzadeh, held a meeting and dialogue with CEO of Ziraat Bank of Turkey, Hüseyin AYDIN.

According to Public Relations Dept. of BMI, in this meeting which was held in the presence of some Board Members, Mohammad Reza Hoseinzadeh highlighted BMI's potential for providing foreign currency services and strengthening banking ties with other countries and also emphasized enhancing mutual cooperation between two banks to help business and tourism affairs facilitation.

He pointed out to the official visit of two presidents and their emphasis on developing banking relations and said that Strengthening banking ties is a need for bilateral cooperation.

Dr. Hoseinzadeh continued his saying," A duty of banks is that they should make business easier for traders and economic activists. We are pleased to hear that Zeraat Bank has declared its readiness to collaborate with us."

Managing Director of BMI mentioned;" The first letter of credit under monetary contract- currency swap agreement was opened in this bank, which has been welcomed broadly by Iranian and Turkish traders. Moreover, an arrangement has been made for using banking cards of both banks."

He said that a lot of Iranian and Turkish people travel across two countries each year, so that using banking cards can boom tourism industry.

Also, CEO of Ziaarat Bank said;" Relationship between Iran and Turkey has developed well and using same banking cards can be an aid to currency swap and business boom in two countries."

Hüseyin AYDIN broke the news of journey of Turkish Minister of Economy to Iran and then to Uzbekistan. "We are ready to cooperate with you and Iranian traders in Uzbekistan too," he said.

During the meeting it was arranged forming some technical committees to deal with banking affairs.

At the end, CEO of Ziaarat Bank and his delegation visited Museum of Bank Melli Iran including a worthy collection of coins, Calligraphy tableaus, carpets, Miniatures, Gold coins, old and priceless items gifted by banks and outstanding figures, historic and old banking tools as well as documents of grand transactions.

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