Melli Show 2: new digital products & achievements of Bank Melli Iran

Tuesday, February 19, 2019
The new digital banking products and achievements of bank Melli Iran will be unveiled in the second great annual event of this bank, "Melli Show 2".
The event points out that this bank is drifting into a more modern, powerful and leading institution in digital banking.
In the current management, Bank Melli Iran is moving on to a new phase of servicing that a big part of it was launched last year- in the "Melli Show 1".  Ever since, using these new products have been initiated and largely welcomed by customers. CSR, VTM and Bank Officer, to name but a few, are among some products launched earlier in Melli Show 1.
Over the last year powerful elite among the employees of Bank Melli who were active in evolving technologies focused on producing digital products and services and making them ready to be launched in "Melli Shoe2" event this year.
Managing director and Board Directors of Bank Melli will participate in the event which will happen on 24th, 2019.

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