Tech innovation is introduction to smart economy: Minister of Economy

Sunday, February 24, 2019
"The welfare originating from either an injection of government budget or oil sale isn't pleasant. It will be honor when you achieve kind of welfare that has been originated from knowledge-based activities and leaded to transformation. Bank Melli Iran as a big institute can accelerate the pace of change relying on its rich history and capabilities"; Minister of Economy said at "Melli Show" event.
Farhad Dejpasand in Melli Show 2 which was held to unveil some latest and newest achievement of bank Melli Iran, said; "Measures of transformation isn't a distant dream and can be a dream come true." He added; "Today with unveiling the new technological products and services of Bank Melli Iran, we realize the antiquity, majesty, modernity, pioneering and customer-oriented efforts of this large bank, to which we feel proud."
He said; "It's amazing that in 40th anniversary of Iran's Islamic revolution we witness an increase in the pace of change. Bank Melli Iran has caused lots of sweeping changes in Iran and pioneered in creating such changes over the past years."
Bank Melli Iran as the largest bank in the Islamic world sent this message that there is no concern about transformation. With relying on Iranian youth power, we can embrace the power of any technological advances.
"It's not just possible to enforce a fully smart economy rapidly at the current time. However, Bank Melli has been taking good steps towards e-banking through which to be able to achieve digital banking and gain full efficiency in smart economy." Minister of Economy said.
He continued; "the new advances we saw in Melli Show 2 were a minor but promising display of a big move. The first impact of e-banking and also digital banking is lower costs. In smart economy more adequate and effective services are offered using less resources. According to that a stable and growing economy emerges."

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