BMI launches new services / Hoseinzadeh: Melli Show is symbol of transformation

Sunday, February 24, 2019
Bank Melli Iran unveiled some new products and services in "Melli Show 2" event which was held in the presence of Ministry of Economy and Finance, Deputy Interior Minister & Head of Registry organization, Deputy Head of Banking, insurance and state owned banks and the media people.

According to PR. Dept., in this event Managing Director of Bank Melli Iran said, "Bank Melli Iran has constantly pioneered in adopting transforming policies. Melli Show is a powerful symbol of transformation at this 90-year-old bank."
Dr. Hoseinzadeh pointed out the fact that the world is experiencing digital transformation from day to day. Meanwhile, Bank Melli hasn't got behind with the world and tried to show a living and vibrant organization through the introduction of new products and state-of-the-art technologies.
As he said; "What was exhibited in Melli Show 2 is a drop in the ocean. It's been arranged to unveil the new services and products in the similar annual events in order to exhibit BMI capabilities and achievements."
"The new provided products and services, which were introduced in Melli Show 2 are stemmed from innovative mind and initiative of BMI experts and domestic scientists. The software and hardware introduced at the event are designed and innovated domestically and are a small part of BMI's potential and capabilities," he said
"The main reason to hold Melli Show 2 Event was a wide range of products and services developed by this bank. It was needed to have a specialized fair at which we could exhibit these new products," he stated. "Melli Show has now turned into a worthy brand burdening the name of Bank Melli Iran."
BTM, digital wallet, Sakkook (a business platform), video banking, Autopay, Melli plus (full electronic branches), linked National ID card and Melli card, Alfa Robot, VTM, One Time Password, etc. are some of the new services launched and unveiled in the event.
The participant high-ranked officials visited Melli Show 2 and saw the new tech products and services in person.

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