Dejpasand expresses gratitude to china's ambassador

Thursday, May 30, 2019
Dr. Farhad Dejpasand, Iran's Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, in a visit to China's Ambassador expresses gratitude for his role in boosting mutual business ties during his 5-year presence in Iran.
In this meeting which was held at the end of Chinese Ambassador's 5-year mission in Iran, Dr. Dejpasand, head of Iran -China joint economic commission said; "so far, good economic cooperation has been developed between two countries, which has high potential to be promoted and exploited".  

Considering strategic relations of both countries, He asked for continued trade partnership and pursuit of economic agreements from the other side. He expressed hope that new ambassador would bring about more mutual cooperation to both sides.

Also, Pang Sen, China's ambassador in Iran expressed appreciation to Dejpasand and said; "economic ties between two countries has expanded more than ever in his time."

Meanwhile, Pang Sen who retires after his 5-year presence in Iran pointed to chines and Iranian presidents' recent visit and Iranian parliament speaker as well and regarded it as an indication of the glorious period in Iran-China history of collaboration.

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