CEO: we safeguard health of organization and monetary network

Tuesday, August 06, 2019
First educational conference on combatting money-laundering and financing of terrorism at Bank Melli Iran was opened early today in Mashad,Iran.

This conference is being held and convened in Mashad with the presence of top managers and heads of Bank Melli Iran, Judiciary and Central Bank.

Dr. Hosseinzadeh, CEO and Chief Executive of Bank Melli addressed the ceremony as; "Time is passing. High-speed technological developments in the era of communications have brought in new horizons for humanity in present century while providing some usable and at the same time corrupt tools for criminals and law-breakers."

He noted in his saying that swearing oaths of loyalty and honesty, all noble, honest, patient and loyal employees of Bank Melli Iran and he also are honored to provide banking services for customers. He emphasized that it's on us to appreciate hard-earned achievements of our ancestors that are esteem and enhancement of the name of Bank Melli Iran at home and abroad.

CEO of Bank Melli continued; "Now that the world has condemned lack of financial transparency and criminal proceeds and invited the world to be allied against money laundering and terrorism, Global consensus is needed on joining the movement. Therefor diligent and self-esteemed employees of Bank Melli as usual are determined to safeguard their organization and the monetary network, acquit the country of the charge of terrorism and prove the world that Bank Melli is a smart, observant of FATF institution."

In the end, he said; "employees of Bank Melli will make their best to make the name of Bank Melli Iran shine across the country and reject the claims and charges against Iran."

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