Message of CEO of Bank Melli Iran in appreciation of journalist day

Thursday, August 08, 2019
In the name of God

8th August is National Journalist Day, glorious day of remembrance of who use thought and pens and who produce history books. I send my congratulations to press community especially journalists acting in banking system and commemorate media martyrs. I appreciate your endeavor to keep the light of media on.
Journalists are the ones who are able to broadcast precisely and have a fair hearing. No doubt they are eyes of the society. Journalists and media professionals take steps on the way of justice and honesty. Their effort in the arena of media are a constructive solution for Islamic Iran to attain growth and development, safeguard national interests, public benefits and Islamic revolution's ideals.
On this occasion, I take the opportunity to appreciate all media people and wish your responsible attempts to be continued.
Happy the day named on you!
Happy your day and hold a strong pen!

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