Bank Melli Iran Support of Pharmaceutical Industry

Saturday, May 09, 2020
As health supporter of the country, Bank Melli Iran has provided valuable services in the pharmaceutical industry in recent years by deploying new financial tools and granting credits to this sector. Being an aid to pharmaceutical industry and reference laboratories and making an effort for repairing and equipping health centers, clinics and hospitals around the country are the measures the bank has taken.
The country's potentials for medicine production have been increased with the help and cooperation of Bank Melli Iran. Amin Knowledge based Corporation i.e. one of the major producers of chemical and herbal medicines and dietary supplements in Isfahan manufactures over 150 diverse drugs with full support of Bank Melli Iran.

"Acquiring the knowledge of manufacturing medicines for patients with special and severe diseases was a big success for this pharmaceutical center that was achieved with the help of Bank Melli Iran. By making access to new, unique pharmaceutical technologies that had once dominated by only four countries of U.S., Germany, Canada and Switzerland, we put an end to monopoly of these medicines to certain countries." Mohamad Mahdi Hoqouqi, CEO of Amin Pharmaceutical Corporation said to Bank Melli Iran.

"Over 90% of needed herbal resources are now domestically generated. Amin Corporation is also producing more than 200 million units of various drugs and supply 10% of the country medicine needs", he said.

"It's a big step in Iran's pharmaceutical industry reaching the technology of new medicines, which has prevented millions of dollars to flow out of the country," the CEO of Amin Knowledge based Co. said.

"Over the past 40 years, we faced deficit of medicine in the country while today with relying on our own experts and banking network support we're able to develop our potentials effectively," he said.

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