Managing Director: Bank Melli Iran is a learner and innovative organization

Thursday, December 10, 2020
Managing Director of Bank Melli Iran, Mohammad Reza Hoseinzadeh, said that Bank Melli is a learner and innovative organization and called on employees to place a priority on learning and combine knowledge and action in their activities.
According to Public Relations Department of Bank Melli Iran, Hoseinzadeh in a virtual meeting with working university students, which was held in commemoration of "Student Day" said, "Bank Melli is a knowledge-based and dynamic institution. The developments that occurred during the life of the bank are due to knowledgeable, educated and capable employees of this organization".
He continued his saying as, "the Bank provides complete support to staff who are going to go on their education. Bank managers listen to the concerns of all employees, especially highly educated ones, and will make the most of their potentials to move towards organizational goals."
At this ceremony, which was held in Bank Melli Iran for the fourth year in a row, Hosseinzadeh pointed to the importance of domestic capabilities and technical, banking and economic potentials that there are among employees. "In the process of employees' promotion and appointments the issue of knowledge and expertise is more important than working experience, and this is what the board members and senior managers of the bank believe in".
Managing Director of Bank Melli Iran also pointed to the necessity of launching a suggestion system in the bank and continued; "The dynamism of an organization is mainly driven by implementation of new ideas. We appreciate any suggestion that help improve banking conditions and processes. What the bank seeks is applied science and this is the path that the employees should also take step in".
"Knowledge should be functional and resolve the problems. The subject of theses and surveys the employees conduct should be selected according to bank issues so that they can be used to find solutions for facing problems;" Abbas Shafiei said at the ceremony.
He emphasized that Bank Melli Iran will help employees improve their knowledge and skills to enable them to enhance the existing processes.

The importance of organizational promotion, job rotation, suggestion system, transformative management, higher education, meritocracy, job matching, staff welfare were among the most important issues raised and dealt with during the meeting.

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