BMI Participates in Tree Planting Scheme in Pardisan Garden

Saturday, March 04, 2017
Bank Melli Iran, an environmentalist institution, participated in a Tree Planting scheme in 16th edition of international environment exhibition which was held in the name and memory of the countries of the world in Pardisan Garden.
As reported by Public Relations Department of Bank Melli Iran, Masoumeh Ebtekar chief of Department of Environment, Barat Karimi Member of the Board of Directors of BMI, Erik Solheim United Nations Environment Program Executive Director and ones from EU, Italy, France, Netherlands attended the exhibition. During the ceremony some trees were planted as symbols of the countries of the world.
Ebtekar appreciated BMI and other participating countries and continued her saying that BMI has always supported the schemes of expansion of green areas and improvement of environments.
Gian Luca Galletti Minister of the Environment of Italy voiced hope that Environmental Improvement schemes are increasing in Iran. Resistant and long-lived trees can be an indicator of boosting of mutual cooperation.
Moreover, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Program and some other officials participates at the ceremony spoke about the effects of such schemes on improving international relations and environment as well.
 Barat Karimi a member of the board of directors gave guests a welcome and said;" The influential people in the sphere of environment are the most valuable people in the world because they try the best to keep the environment alive. We all know environment, economy and human living are all tied together in current world."
He added that Bank Melli Iran with over 90 years experiences, 3300 domestic branches, 17 branches and subsidiaries abroad and also 40 thousand employees is the largest bank in Iran.
He also highlighted the history of BMI, its banking services and achievements and emphasized that it is the duty of my bank to support global environmental policies.
 He pinpointed to the memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been signed by Bank Melli Iran and Environment Department on using solar power at branches of BMI. Based on the MOU BMI is obliged to obtain relevant environmental licenses to grant loans to industrial units.
Galletti, in his part, said living together enables us to manage climate changes well. We have to take steps jointly to improve living status for next generations.
The EU Environment Chief referred to plans to protect environment and stated that everybody speaks about problems of environment. There are some problems but we have to provide opportunities to rescue plants and trees to bring peace to the world.

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